Quotes taken directly from a recently completed quality survey by Relatives -

" Good ambience, beautiful gardens and views, caring staff, good menu and excellent newsletter "

" Very good selection of entertainment and things to do "

" X's every need is catered for and she is very happy "

" My mother has a choice to stay in her room or in a lounge, or taking part in whatever is happening, she feels independent "

" Thank you for including relatives in your Summer and Christmas activites and parties, much thought had obviously gone into the arrangements for these events "

" I cannot speak too highly the way the staff treat my mother, they are always so kind, patient and respectful towards her - Keep up the good work! "

" You have a Manager who works very hard for the well-being of all the Residents and listens to their needs "

" an open policy allowing Relatives to voice any concerns about their Relatives "

 " Lavenders is lucky to have entertainment co-ordinators who bring interest and variety of activities to stimulate Residents and make their days more enjoyable "

" I can honestly say that I cannot imagine any other Residential home being so caring, I sing your praises to everyone I come into contact with regards to caring for the elderly "

" Friendly, caring, helpful at all times and respectful of Residents privacy "

" Thank you for the first class standard you and your staff provide !"

" The care appears to be very good and provided with patience and good humour. The Carers could not be more helpful or friendly - very impressed "

" It was certainly the nicest and most caring home we visited "


Lavenders Care Home in West Malling