Our Philosophy at Lavenders Care Home

Lavenders philosophy is based upon the belief that the Residents are entitled to be treated as individuals. To achieve this, the needs of all Residents will be assessed and individual care plans developed from this information.

In order to achieve the Aims and Objectives, Lavenders must secure not only an environment, which is the best possible in line with creative thinking currently available, as well as the ongoing development of the best practices in clinical and social care.

We try to understand the changes and needs that come with advancing years, and we can, in a gentle and supportive way help our Residents to achieve the degree of independence and self-determination that they are comfortable with.

We are here to enable our Residents to continue their pastimes and interests, and to help maintain their links with family and friends, in an environment similar to that which they enjoyed in their own homes.

Self Image

Develop and maintain a positive self image which then gives self confidence to participate fully and live a fulfilled life.


The right to be left alone and to be free from intrusion or public attention into or onto your affairs.


To recognise the intrinsic value of people regardless of circumstances, by respecting uniqueness and personal needs, to treat everyone with respect.


The opportunity to act and think without reference to another person include a willingness to incur a degree of calculated or chosen risk.


The opportunity to select independently from a full range of options.


The maintenance of all entitlements associated with citizenship.


The realisation of all personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of daily life.


To be recognised as an individual in our own right, not solely as part of a group.

Self control

Individual boundaries of behaviour, well defined and understood.

Sense of identity

The right to have our cultural, ethnic, religious, sexual, social, creative and emotional needs recognised and respected.

Lavenders Care Home in West Malling