About Lavenders Care Home

Lavenders Care Home in West MallingLavenders is a residential care home for the elderly, located in the centre of the village of West Malling. The home is registered under the Health & Social Care Act 2008 with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), certificate number 1-164321093

The Home is family owned and managed. It was founded in 1982 by Keith and Madeleine Webb. In 1995, their son Marcus Webb joined the business. The partners are the controllers of the business. Candyce Brockwell is the Registered Manager of Lavenders.

As Lavenders is a 24 hour “living business”, a system of “known responsibility” exists. This is modelled on approved Local Authority guidelines and centres on the principle of “Designated Responsible Person”. Such a person will work on one of three shifts spanning the full 24 hours and will be both senior and experienced. Overlaying this person is always a duty partner or manager to whom any difficult problem or emergency can be referred.

Lavenders has 54 bedrooms all of which are single, therefore each resident has private accommodation that they can call their own, which they can use when and how they wish, and to which they can invite guests. All of the bedrooms have private ensuite toilet facilities. The size of each room varies, and can be confirmed according to availability. All the bedrooms at Lavenders exceed the new national minimum standards.

The home is equipped to meet all of the requirements of a modern residential home and offers the highest standards of personalised care.

There are two first floor areas, one with 5 bedrooms and another with 2 Apartments, both accessed by stairs and stair-lifts, the remaining 47 bedrooms are on the ground floor.

In addition to the bedrooms, Lavenders has 5 comfortable sitting rooms, 5 dining rooms and a conservatory. There are 10 WC’s conveniently located throughout the building and 8 assisted bathrooms. The home has two “stand aid” hoists and a sling hoist to aid Residents with mobility difficulties

Lavenders Care Home in West Malling